ABout Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to preserve and protect the natural beauty of Crab Lake. We strive to maintain the environment, ecology and natural character of Crab Lake.

Our Vision

Our vision is to maintain the natural environment of Crab Lake. We manage and prevent aquatic and terrestrial invasive species. We facilitate research studies and other natural scientific testing as they pertain to Crab Lake. 

Our Objectives

Our objective is to protect the water, plant life and animal life that make up the Crab Lake ecosystem. We strive to acquire and maintain undeveloped shoreland, islands and acreage on and around Crab Lake. We work to build upon our endowment fund to help achieve our mission and objectives. 

About Crab Lake

Crab Lake is a 949 acre mesotrophic lake which drains north into Lake Superior. The lake was formed by glaciers which created 24 islands, 25 miles of shoreline and numerous rock bars. It’s irregular shoreline is dotted with downed trees and natural vegetation where fish find refuge and pairs of loons and bald eagles make Crab Lake their home. 

Board Members

Bill Mahler


Mike Gray

Vice President

Jerry Walker


Linda Billhymer



  • Mary Jo Walker
  • Chuck Haas
  • Peter Williams
  • Barry MacLean
  • Marjie Zander
  • Jack Sprackling
  • Nick Williams
  • Larry Gorrilla